We produce systems for

We design, develop and produce devices for ionising radiation monitoring in nuclear power plants, nuclear medicine and industry.
We deliver metrological laboratories and calibrate measuring instruments.
We are specialized in and equipped for the disposal of devices and technologies containing ionising radiation sources and contaminated radioactive material.

Customised solutions

Our products are tailored to our customers’ needs.

We build them to suit the conditions of the given technology.

We are not afraid to discover entirely new solutions.

The installation and integration of our products into new or existing radiation monitoring systems is a matter of course.

Without compromise

We use high-tech materials and integrate smart technologies and advanced functionalities.

Our products are durable and fully functional even in extreme conditions.

We frequently build and install complex system solutions.

Your safety comes first

We are dedicated to developing reliable, precise and highly sensitive equipment.

Our commitment is ensuring the safety of people and their working environment.

We protect technologies from damage and contamination.

We are


A major worldwide manufacturer and supplier of equipment and systems for radiation control and protection
We exclusively develop powerful, sensitive and precise equipment that reliably detects ionising radiation and protects the safety of people, objects, working environments, equipment and technologies. Our experience comes from practice. We follow global trends and integrate them into our products. As one of a few manufacturers and suppliers, we have direct experience with maintenance and servicing right in the heart of nuclear power plants, where we also employ our own teams.

We are ready to meet your terms and requirements.

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New BC-13 Beta Calibrator

24. 5. 2023

VF is launching a new BC-13 Beta Calibrator, which is primarily intended for convenient and safe calibration of beta radiation detectors and personal…

New AGM-03 Area Gamma Monitor

6. 2. 2023

VF is launching a new AGM-03 Area Gamma Monitor. It is a compact monitor with integrated display designed for the measurement of gamma dose…

Modernized version of the ExitScan-2 Personnel Exit Monitor

21. 11. 2022

VF has launched a modernized version of the ExitScan-2 Personnel Exit Monitor, following comprehensive development and testing. The ExitScan-2 is a…

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