Supply of a Monitor for the Radiological Characterisation of Waste for Paks NPP, Hungary

Implementation Period
Client/Contracting Authority
Canberra Packard Central Europe GmbH, Austria
Location/End User
Paks NPP, Hungary

Together with our partners, we developed, designed and produced a waste assay system (KDOR/WAM-200) intended for the radiological characterisation of materials that are stored in standard drums. When measuring, the drum rotates and the detector moves vertically in steps along drums. KDOR software enables the total activity and the radionuclide specific of drums and the activity distribution inside a drum to be determined.
Before measurement, each drum is weighed and after measurement, the installed printer prints the protocols with the measurement results.
Type of services provided:

  • Technical design, detailed design
  • Development, production, supply
  • On-site installation
  • Testing
  • Personnel training
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