Support with replacement of the cyclotron at the Na Homolce hospital

Implementation Period
Client/Contracting Authority
Škoda Praha, a.s., Czech Republic
Location/End User
PET centre at the Na Homolce hospital, Prague, Czech Republic

In March 2022, VF signed a contract with Škoda Praha, a Czech engineering company, for the support with the replacement of the old cyclotron at the Na Homolce hospital PET centre in Prague. 
Na Homolce Hospital is an organization directly subordinate to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic.
The complete scope of supply included the following:

  • Support with dismantling and removal of the old cyclotron and installation of the new one
  • Dismantling of the old and supply of a new shielded entry door, including a new control switchboard and electrical installations
  • Additional wall shielding for both gamma and neutron radiations
  • Preparation of contaminated parts and materials for the final disposal.

Other services provided include equipment design and manufacturing, factory testing, delivery on site, installation, commissioning, the training of personnel, and operational and maintenance documentation. 

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