The disposal of an industrial irradiation room for radiation sterilisation in Lodz

Implementation Period
Client/Contracting Authority
Technical University in Lodz, Poland
Location/End User
Chemical Department of the Technical University in Lodz, Poland

VF was successful in the bidding procedure for the dismantling and disposal of the technology for radiation sterilisation, which had been in operation in the workplace of the Chemical Department of the Technical University in Lodz. The complete disposal tasks included the removal of gamma radiation sources and their subsequent deposition in the Polish radioactive waste repository.

After having been removed, the radiation sources were transported to the hot cell of our company in Prague, where they were revised and put into a container to be permanently deposited in the radioactive waste repository in Poland according to the predetermined conditions for permanent storage.

We obtained the permission of the respective Polish authorities for all the activities related to working with radioactive sources within the territory of Poland, and all the activities were performed in accordance with the applicable Polish and Czech legislation.

The State Office for Nuclear Safety on the Czech part and the PAA (Państwowa Agencja Atomistyki) on the Polish part were continuously informed about the progress of the work.

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