Services of the Metrology Centre

The Metrology Centre includes the VF Calibration Laboratory, which is accredited according to the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 standard. It carries out its activities within the scope of the Certificate of Accreditation:

  •  Calibration of measuring instruments of ionizing radiation dosimetry quantities
  •  Calibration of contamination measuring instruments (alpha and beta radionuclides)
  •  Calibration of kerma in air and kerma rate meters in the range 10 Gy - 2.5 kGy

The Metrology Centre performs other services outside the scope of the Certificate of Accreditation:

  • Providing verification of measuring instruments on the basis of a contract with the Czech Metrology Institute (CMI) - our metrology centre performs measurements, the results of which are submitted to the CMI for processing and issuing a Certificate of Verification of measuring instrument.
  • Determination of the activity of radionuclides emitting alpha and beta radiation (filter geometry) and gamma radiation (Marinelli vessel and filter geometry).
  • Adjustment of detectors manufactured by VF NUCLEAR
  • Participation in internal development testing of new products manufactured by VF NUCLEAR

Handling and Disposal of Radioactive Sources

Radiation sources management and handling, including their disposal, is an important area of our activities.

We have a team of skilled workers who have all the necessary authorisations and permits to perform services in the field of radiaoactive sources handling and disposal.

We have advanced measuring equipment, a hot cell to work with radiaoactive sources, and a number of certified shielding containers for transport of radiaoactive sources.

We are able to dispose of radiaoactive sources and old irradiators.

Our services are available both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


We provide consultancy service since the project’s initial stages.

Thanks to the experience gained throughout the years, we are able to provide our customers with complex services such as consultations, analyses, simulations, calculations and proposals for technical solutions.

We have long-term experience and many successfully implemented projects worldwide.

Shielding Calculation and Design

To ensure radiation safety at workplaces, we provide our customers with a scope of services including consultations, simulations, calculations and shielding design.

We have a team of experienced physicists with years of shielding design experience, who perform calculations to optimise radiation protection in accordance with legal requirements and our customers needs.

Research and Development

Our experienced development team is able to develop any device or measuring system, tailored to customers requirements and needs.

Our research and development department cooperates closely with universities and other scientific workplaces from many countries which specialise in ionising radiation.

Since the establishment of VF, we have been developing and testing our devices and measuring systems in the real operation conditions of nuclear power plants and these later became common standard solutions.

We follow global technological and developmental trends, which we implement in our products and measuring systems.


We design radiation monitoring systems, personnel dosimetry systems, radioactive waste measurement and tracking systems, and liquid and gaseous effluent systems.

Our projects comply all the technical, qualitative, normative and legal requirements of our customers worldwide.

Within the framework of design activities we prepare complete design documentation such as block diagrams, approval documentation, detailed technical design and as-built documentation, including certification and licensing documentation.

We always accept customer’s layout and space possibilities, and the local, normative and legislation requirements. According to them, we design the main elements, including the power supply, data transfer, cable distribution, switchboards, etc.

Project management

We have experience with project management in the field of radiation protection in more than 20 countries worldwide.

We have a team of experienced project managers who coordinate the progress of each single project. We always apply individual approach to our customers.

We create complete drawing documentation. We develop, produce, certify and license our measuring systems for particular operating conditions.

Installation and Commissioning

We provide installation and commissioning of radiation monitoring systems.

It comes as standard for us, that the installation and final commissioning include the handover of the final as-built documentation.

For projects and installations abroad, we have carefully selected and trained local partners, who support our project managers with the installation and commissioning of our measuring systems worldwide.

Service and Maintenance

Our staff working in nuclear power plants provides regular service and maintenance of VF devices and measuring systems to guarantee their long term operability. We provide support and maintenance to different customers worldwide.

We also provide contractual servicing of measuring instruments from other manufacturers.

For our installations abroad, we have carefully selected and trained our service partners, who provide our customers consultation and service support both in warranty and post-warranty time.

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