Waste Assay Monitor for Tianwan NPP, China

Implementation Period
Client/Contracting Authority
Kadinuo RGRMS, China
Location/End User
Tianwan NPP, China

In 2018, VF signed a contract for a new type of waste assay monitor for the Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant operated by China Nuclear Power Engineering. In 2019, the production of the system and factory acceptance tests were successfully completed and the whole system was delivered to the installation site. The WAM-203 waste assay monitor is used for the spectrometric characterisation of low and intermediate level radioactive waste. 
The key components of the WAM-203 waste assay monitor are:

  • The detection part with a spectrometric HPGe detector with 50% efficiency, hybrid electrical/LN2 cooling, shielding, a collimator, shutter and processing electronics, including an MCA for data processing
  • A separated and movable drum rotator with weight sensors
  • Drum loading/unloading, a handling and transfer system
  • Fast-scan and background MDG dose rate monitors;
  • Control and power supply switchboards which allow local manual control of the system, remote control and a display PC with the application software and database
  • A remote visual surveillance system
  • A basic calibration kit (custom-designed phantom with reference source)

The following services make up part of the project: technical design, manufacturing, factory testing and supply. On-site installation, site testing and commissioning and personnel training is scheduled for 2020.
The standard VF waste assay monitor was customised to meet the customer’s specific requirements. This customisation included a special mechanical design of the drum measuring platform that allows for two different types of drums to be loaded and measured, with different sizes of 200 L and 400 L.

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