Smart Frisking Probe

Standalone probes suitable for the detection of surface contamination by alpha, beta, and gamma emitting radionuclides.
Nuclear power plants
Waste management
Calibration laboratories
Research centres
Nuclear medicine
Industry & manufactoring

Key Features

  • Smart probe, a compact solution with processing electronics in the body of the probe
  • High sensitivity, uniform response
  • Compact, lightweight, shock resistance design
  • Gas-less detection by using a scintillator
  • Easy replacement of light-proof foil
  • Can be connected to a PC for probe calibration and parameter setting
  • Option for contamination indication on probe itself
  • Calibration constants are saved in the probe, so probes can be easily replaced without complete calibration of probe/monitor combination
  • Easy decontamination


The detection part of the SFP-100 probe consists of a plastic scintillator, or scintillators, with a photomultiplier, able to detect alpha, beta and/or gamma surface contamination.

Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation.
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