Personnel Exit Monitor

A new type of full body contamination monitor for personnel leaving controlled areas. It monitors the presence of alphfa, beta, and gamma radionuclides, as needed.
Nuclear power plants
Waste management
Research centres

Key Features

  • Scintillation, gasless detectors with integrated processing electronics allowing easy calibration and quick on-site replacement of faulty detectors
  • Various detector types available for different types of contamination (alpha, beta, and gamma emitters)
  • Excellent coverage of full body front and back, both sides of hands and feet, outsides of legs, and arms.
  • Tight hand detector geometry for high efficiency alpha contamination measurement.
  • Dynamic algorithm for optimisation of measuring time to ensure highest personnel throughput.
  • User friendly interface with several colour displays and voice prompts.
  • Wide range of configurations and accessories.
  • Various language versions available for displays and voice prompts.
  • Option to identify users using an ID card/chip reader
  • A standard Ethernet interface for the communication with a host system.
  • Quick change of measurement parameters (e.g. alarm levels, nuclides, units) by selection from stored preset values using the touch screen display.
  • Output relay contacts for control of technology (e.g. external alarm lights, doors, turnstiles etc.)
  • Calibration mode for quick verification of correct operation
  • Remote switch (input) to the emergency mode (without measurement) or out of operation mode
  • Possibility to define areas of scanning including multiple detectors with common evaluation
  • Extremely easy access to detectors; facilitating their maintenance and replacement.
  • Common spare parts with other VF monitors, including the detectors, reduces the stock of spares.


The ExitScan is a two-step, full body personnel contamination monitor, designed to check personnel leaving radiation-controlled areas for radioactive contamination. The monitor checks for presence of alpha, beta, and gamma emitting radionuclides (depending on detectors fitted).

Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation.

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