Modernization of stack monitoring system at Cofrentes nuclear power plant

Implementation Period
Client/Contracting Authority
Tecnologías Asociadas TECNASA, S.L., Spain
Location/End User
Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant, Spain

At the end of 2021, VF won a significant and interesting contract for the modernization of the stack monitoring system at Cofrentes nuclear power plant in Spain during normal, accident and post-accident operation.
The Cofrentes nuclear power plant is located in the province of Valencia in eastern Spain. It is a BWR-type nuclear power plant with one boiling reactor with an output of 1092 MW.
VF's scope of supply includes the following:

  • GEMS-311 system for routine operation
  • GEMS-413 system for accident and post-accident operation 
  • A remote control and display unit located in the main control room
  • A shielded container on a trolley for the transport of high activity filters for evaluation
  • Particulate filters, iodine cartridges, and other consumables

Both main systems include particulate and iodine samplers and a noble gas monitor with a suitable measurement range. 
The post-accident system contains sample heating and complies with the US Regulatory Guide RG 1.97, Rev. 3.

In addition to the design and manufacturing of the monitoring system, factory calibration with radioactive gas, factory testing, factory training, delivery on site, support and supervision of installation and commissioning, and training of personnel are also provided.

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