Gaseous Effluent Monitoring and Sampling System

A device intended for measurement of radioactive noble gases in air. It contains two types of aerosol and iodine filters (operational and emergency). It can be also used as a balance monitor.
Nuclear power plants
Research centres

Key Features

  • Separate sections for routine and post-accident monitoring
  • Automatic switching to post-accident mode of operation in case of increase of the activity of noble gases
  • Measurement of the dose rate from post-accident P/I filters
  • Safe sampling even in post-accident operation
  • Determination total gaseous effluents
  • Local control and display of the measured values and monitor status
  • Remote control and display capability


The GEMS-700 system is used for particulates and iodine sampling and real-time noble gases monitoring in gaseous effluent. It includes two separate parts: routine and post-accident. Both parts contain redundant particulates and iodine filters and a real-time noble gases monitor. The system measures radioactive noble gases activity in a wide range, from very low to very high activities.

It can be used for real-time in-plant radiation monitoring systems in nuclear facilities, as well as for regulatory nuclide-specific reporting of particulates and iodine released into the environment.

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