Decay Tank Control System

Safe system for capturing liquid radioactive waste.
Nuclear medicine

Key Features

  • Safe system for capturing liquid radioactive waste
  • The solution minimizes the permanent settling of sludge at the bottom of the tanks
  • Monitoring the activity of individual radionuclides in liquid waste
  • Ensuring that the release levels of individual radionuclides are not exceeded when discharging wastewater into the environment
  • Optional full automation of release of liquid waste into the sewerage
  • Optimization of the retention tank system according to the specific needs of the customer
  • Storing data on drained tanks and waste to the RESYS system database
  • Printing of protocols and reports on drained tanks and waste
  • Control of technology from a PC after logging in to an RESYS system by an authorized user
  • Service mode allows authorized users to control individual components of retention tanks, such as valves, pumps, etc.
  • Possibility to control the system from a remote PC connected to the LAN
  • Sending messages to the system administrator via e-mail or optionally SMS


The system of retention tanks is installed at the outlet of the gravity or vacuum sewer and is designed for:

  • collection of radioactive wastewater in tanks,
  • their detention until their activity has fallen below the legal release level by radioactive decay,
  • drain into the sewer, including records of balances of activities of released radioisotopes.
Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation.
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