The Modernisation of the Radiation Monitoring Systems at Khmelnytska NPP and Rivne NPP

Implementation Period
Client/Contracting Authority
SE NNEGC Energoatom, Ukraine
Location/End User
Khmelnytska NPP (unit 1) and Rivne NPP (unit 3), Ukraine

VF signed a contract with the Ukrainian nuclear utility for the replacement of the obsolete "SEJVAL" radiation monitoring systems at the Khmelnytska and Rivne nuclear power plants. The scope of supply includes:

  • RMS upper level equipment – database servers, communication devices, application software 
  • Purchasing and manufacturing radiation detectors, process monitors, effluents monitors and health physics instruments
  • Equipment for the on-site calibration laboratory (secondary standard of gamma dose rate)

Services provided included:

  • Factory acceptance tests
  • Delivery
  • Training the purchaser’s personnel
  • Installation supervision 
  • Site acceptance tests, commissioning
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