Calibration bench for the X-ray laboratory at Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission

Implementation Period
Client/Contracting Authority
PTW Freiburg, Germany
Location/End User
Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, Dhaka, Bangladesh

At the end of 2020, VF was awarded a contract from PTW Freiburg, Germany, for the supply of a calibration bench with various accessories to the Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
The complete scope of supply included the following:

  • Two X-Ray irradiation systems (delivered by PTW)
  • CB-60 fully automated 3D calibration bench
  • A laser system with 5 linear lasers
  • Cameras
  • A radiation monitoring system
  • A remote-control computer with the DARS control system

Services provided included the facility design, equipment manufacturing, factory testing, delivery on site, installation, commissioning and the training of personnel. 

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