An electronic personal dosimetry system, MP version

Implementation Period
Client/Contracting Authority
Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
Location/End User
Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute

SEOD-MP was created of experience gained during the development of the successful Electronic Personal Dosimetry System, which is being used in all the nuclear power plants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The SEOD-MP Version is intended for small workplaces such as hospitals and industrial enterprises.

SEOD-MP is focused on operative monitoring and evaluating the radiation doses of personnel in controlled zones of hospitals, industrial plants using ionising radiation (IR) sources, etc. It is able to operate with electronic personal dosimeters from various manufacturers (e.g., MGPI, RADOS, SIEMENS, etc.).


  • PET Center Bratislava
  • Masaryk Memorial Cancer Institute
  • Nuclear Research Institut in Řež
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