Radiation Monitoring System for Research Centre Řež

Implementation Period
Client/Contracting Authority
Metrostav, a.s., Czech Republic
Location/End User
Research Centre Řež, Czech Republic

The supply consisted of many instruments and technological sub-systems that were designed and manufactured by VF, primarily:

  • radiation monitoring of working environment and laboratories (area gamma monitors, area neutron monitors);
  • continuous particulate monitors;
  • liquid activity monitors;
  • local data acquisition and display units;
  • alarm slave units;
  • central radiation monitoring and information system;
  • system for the controlled release of liquid waste;
  • and others.

Individual monitors and sub-systems were integrated into a complete monitoring and information system.
Supplied instruments and technological sub-systems were installed in radiation-controlled zones in various buildings at the Nuclear Research Institute in Řež, such as: SO 211/12 technological circuits SCWR, SO 211/3 Small RAW storage facility, SO 212 Accelerator and neutron sources, SO 254 Hot Cells, and SO 271 Diagnostic Centre building.

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