Digital High-Volume Air Sampler

An air-sampling device designed to evaluate the air pollutants captured on filters (radioactive aerosols, dust, etc.).
Nuclear power plants
Waste management
Research centres
Industry & manufactoring

Key Features

  • High-volume air sampling in a short time
  • High reliability
  • Low operating costs
  • Continuous operations inside and outside
  • Programmable sampling intervals
  • Constant airflow through the filter
  • Simple controlling
  • The possibility of controlling from a host system


VOPV-10 is intended for air sampling on filter media with adjustable flow rate. It is used for the sampling and consequent evaluation of radioactive aerosols, particulates, and other compounds in the contaminated air. The radioactive pollutants retained on the filter can be subsequently analysed in a laboratory and the nuclide specific volume activities can be calculated.

By means of motor speed regulation, the sophisticated airflow control system provides a sustained pre-set air flow, regardless of filter fouling. The air sampler can operate in any chosen mode: occasionally, periodically and continuously.

Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation.
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