Portable Activity Meter

A portable handheld device intended for the surface activity measurement of alphfa, beta, and gamma radionuclides.
Nuclear power plants
Waste management
Calibration laboratories
Research centres
Nuclear medicine
Industry & manufactoring

Key Features

  • Gasless scintillation detector
  • Compact, lightweight and resistant design
  • User friendly, ease of use
  • High sensitivity, uniform response
  • Fast selection from stored measurement presets
  • Two settable alarm levels
  • Fast replacement of light-tight foil
  • Optional measurement of the dose rate


The PAM-100 series activity meters are portable hand-held instruments intended for the measurement of surface contamination.

Models of monitors A, B, C have suppressed gamma sensitivity. They are suitable where the user needs to properly distinguish alpha and / or beta contamination. Models B and C are suitable for nuclear power plants, where the background from gamma radiation is increased variable.

Monitor models D and E have increased gamma sensitivity.

Product design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice or obligation.
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