New BC-13 Beta Calibrator

VF is launching a new BC-13 Beta Calibrator, which is primarily intended for convenient and safe calibration of beta radiation detectors and personal dosimeters measuring personal Hp(0.07), Hp(3) and directional Hp'(0.07), Hp'(3) dose equivalents in accordance with the ISO 6980 standard.

The calibrated instrument can be irradiated by three different sources of beta radiation with different energies. Two different phantoms can be used for calibration – rod or plate according to the ISO 6980 standard.

Each of the radiation sources has a specific filter for homogenization of the radiation field during irradiation according to ISO 6980. The filter can be removed for the Sr-90 source.

The main components of the calibrator are:

  • supporting frame with adjustable legs
  • shielded body of the calibrator with 3 sealed radionuclide sources (in accordance with the ISO 9978 standard) and homogenization filters
  • linear guide with a worktable for adjustment of the distance in the x axis and adjustment of the angle of rotation of the worktable
  • RSBC-13 control box
  • PC with control software

More technical data can be found on the BC-13 product page.

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