Modernized version of the ExitScan-2 Personnel Exit Monitor

VF has launched a modernized version of the ExitScan-2 Personnel Exit Monitor, following comprehensive development and testing. The ExitScan-2 is a two-step, full body personnel contamination monitor, designed to check personnel leaving radiation-controlled areas for radioactive contamination. The monitor checks for presence of alpha, beta, and gamma emitting radionuclides (depending on detectors fitted).

The modernized monitor keeps using proven scintillation gasless detectors with integrated processing electronics allowing easy calibration and quick on-site replacement of faulty detectors. It also keeps providing excellent coverage of full body, both sides of hands and feet, outsides of legs, and arms. Apart from that, it brings new interesting functions and features:

  • an optional movable head contamination detector
  • optional additional gamma detectors
  • a selection of new types of entry/exit barriers
  • quick change of measurement parameters (e.g. alarm levels, nuclides, units) by selection from an increased number of stored preset values (using the touch screen display)
  • calibration mode for quick and easy verification of correct operation
  • remote switch (input) to the emergency mode (without measurement) or out of operation mode
  • possibility to define areas of scanning including multiple detectors with common evaluation
  • even easier access to detectors; facilitating their maintenance and replacement

More technical data can be found on the ExitScan-2 product page.

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