The Supply of a Radiation Monitoring System for the Proton Therapy Centre in Prague


The Proton Therapy Centre in Bulovka Hospital, Prague is one of the most advanced nuclear medicine departments in the Czech Republic. We participated in its construction by supplying environmental and personnel monitoring systems. These systems provide radiation protection in the Centre workplaces, and demonstrate operational safety to the regulatory authorities.

In the framework of the contract, we supplied: 

A workplace radiation monitoring system

  • AGM-02 ambient gamma dose rate equivalent monitors
  • MDN-01 ambient neutron dose rate equivalent probes
  • LZJ-22 local displaying units
  • ASU-50 external signalling units
  • An RMS host control and database system and software


Autonomous and handheld devices for personnel and tools surface contamination measurement

  • A HF-350 hands and feet contamination monitor
  • A RP-2000A (PAM-series)  portable surface contamination monitor
  • A handheld universal dosimeter-radiometer


An SEOD-MP electronic personAL dosimetry system

  • A set of personal electronic dosimeters
  • A TED-MP electronic personal dosimetry terminal
  • SEOD-MP application software
  • A DPD dispenser with 150 personal dosimeters


We delivered, installed, and commissioned the equipment in due form, and trained the personnel in using the equipment and its basic maintenance.





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