The Delivery of the Calibration Laboratory Equipment in Belarus


The EU international development aid regarding legal standards and technical support for radiation protection and emergency readiness brought the contract for the new complete calibration laboratory equipment for gamma radiation dosimeters for the Republic of Belarus Ministry for Emergency Situations, Fire Safety Institute. 

We carried out the project in the following scope of deliveries and services.


Deliveries of instruments

  • The automatic, remote-controlled irradiator OG-8
  • The automatic safety system of the irradiation room for the protection of personnel against undesirable exposure to ionising radiation
  • A set of sealed Cs-137 radionuclide sources with total activity exceeding 50 TBq
  • The automatic, remote-controlled calibration bench KL3D-50 (CB-50)
  • A remote control workstation with the data and  control software application DARS



  • Development of the detailed design
  • Supervision of the system installation
  • Performance of acceptance tests and commissioning
  • Equipment certification and support of the end user during the licensing process
  • Expert training of personnel





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