The Delivery of a Radioactive Waste Monitor for the Atucha Nuclear Power Plant in Argentina


The instrument intended for the characterisation of solid radioactive waste was purchased from us  also by the operator of the Atucha II Nuclear Power Plant in Argentina. It was the solid waste monitor WAM-202 with accessories.


The system delivered by us consisted of these main parts

  • The automatic measuring instrument for radioactive waste in standard 200-litre barrels (gamma spectrometry with an HPGe detector)
  • Handling equipment for barrel feeding and withdrawing
  • The emergency response system
  • The camera monitoring system
  • Probes of the ambient dose rate equivalent for the monitoring of the radiation in the working environment

We developed and designed the system based on the customer’s specific requirements. When developing, we used the Monte Carlo method for simulations and calculations.


Work executed and services provided

  • Development, manufacture and delivery of the instrument
  • Supervision of the system installation and start-up
  • Performance of the acceptance tests and commissioning
  • Development of the user documentation
  • Expert training of the personnel





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