The Delivery of a Free Release System for the Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant


The Kozloduy Nuclear Power Plant purchased our waste monitor FRM-02. We carried out delivery in cooperation with the German partner Umwelt- und Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, Dresden. The project was financed from the KIDSF fund administered by EBRD.

The VF Free Release monitor of the FRM-02 series contained a large-volume shielded measurement chamber fitted with 32 plastic scintillators for gamma radiation detection. The monitor made a decision on material free release,based on the measurement of the total activity of the critical radionuclide (Cs-137, or Co-60). The throughput of the monitor was 15 tonnes of material per shift.

After the instrument had been in operation for several years, after Bulgarian legislation had been changed, and after the end user had placed the order, we, in addition, brought the instrument FRM-02 up to date and implemented radionuclide vectors and the calculation of radionuclide-specific activity of material in the new software.





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