The Delivery of a Free Release System for the Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant


Within the framework of the project C10 – the releasing of materials originating from the NPP V1 decommissioning into the environment (so-called Free Release), we delivered the Free Release Monitor to the Jaslovské Bohunice NPP intended for the releasing of potentially radioactive waste from the shut-down nuclear unit V1.

The project was carried out with EBRD support.


Scope of the delivery

  • The stationary large-capacity measurement chamber FRM-02C with scintillation detectors, an HPGe detector and the spectrometric system for the releasing of metal waste in standard containers
  • The stationary gamma spectrometric system FRM-06 with NaI(Tl) detectors for the releasing of bulk materials in large-volume containers
  • The mobile gamma spectrometric measuring system for the releasing of building structures as a whole (“in-situ” measurement)
  • Hand-held monitors for surface contamination of the PAM-100 series
  • The laboratory gamma-spectrometric system with an HPGe detector for sample measurement and determination of radionuclide vectors during the characterisation of  building and objects
  • The technical means for the identification of casks and buildings
  • The system for data processing, archiving and presentation


Scope of work

  • Removal of the existing technology and building modifications at the installation site.
  • Development of new instruments, development of the project documentation and manufacturing documentation;
  • Building work, equipment purchasing and manufacturing;
  • Equipment certification;
  • Delivery of equipment to the site and its installation;
  • Performance of site acceptance tests and commissioning;
  • Provision of technical support for the end user during licensing;
  • Development of the user documentation, including the proposal and preparation of methodologies and procedures for releasing the materials;
  • Expert training of personnel.


The project’s realisation site was the Jaslovské Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant V1 and the Jaslovské Bohunice Radioactive Waste Processing Centre.

The main contribution of the project for the end user consists of the acquisition of licensed instruments for the measurement of low levels of gamma activity, removing the building structures, dismantled technology and other materials from further regulatory control (clearance), and their free release into the environment.





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