The Delivery of a Free Release Measurement Facility for the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant


Our company, as the general contractor and the leader of the consortium of Czech companies, coordinated the implementation of the plant construction for the free release into the environment (project B10). We built the plant directly in the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant premises. All solid waste originated from the disposal of the power plants nuclear units, intended for free release, should pass through the plant.

Within the framework of the project, we participated considerably in the building construction, delivery and installation of its equipment and special devices for waste activity measurement.


Scope of delivery

  • The plant building and building systems
  • The automatic measuring system of the total gamma activity of solid waste – a large-volume shielded measurement chamber FRM-02B with scintillation detectors
  • The automatic gamma spectrometric measuring system – a shielded measurement chamber with three HPGe detectors
  • The mobile gamma spectrometric measuring system for the measurement of oversized pieces – two mobile gamma spectrometers with HPGe detectors
  • Handling equipment (crane, high-lift truck), transportation and measuring containers and barrels
  • Hand-held monitors for surface contamination
  • Accessories and spare parts

Development of the project documentation and the accompanying technical documentation, methodology and free release procedures establishing, nuclear object construction licensing and subsequently, building and technology operation, licensing, performance of site acceptance tests and handover of the complete work for use formed an integral part of the work.





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