The Delivery of Three Hot Cells for the Central Radioactive Waste Storage Vector in the Chernobyl Zone


Several years after the Chernobyl disaster, Ukraine has adopted a new strategy for radioactive waste management. This focuses on one central storage location in the Chernobyl zone to where all the radioactive waste from all of Ukraine will be gradually transported. Fulfilment of the objectives determined by the new strategy requires the extension of the infrastructure and an increase in the capacities of the plants for the management of radioactive waste and their permanent deposition in the Chernobyl zone.

One of the first new objects under construction intended for radioactive waste deposition in the Chernobyl zone is the central storage of expired radionuclide sources of ionising radiation. The general contractor was the Ukrainian building firm to which we delivered equipment and systems for this object for the complex consisting of three hot cells and storage halls for ionising radiation sources.


The scope of our delivery

Special equipment for hot cells

  • Shielding windows with radiation-resistant glass
  • An internal lining made of stainless steel
  • Benches with passages for feeding the containers into the hot cells
  • Shielded compartments for temporary storage of ionising radiation sources in the hot cell
  • A lifting device system inside the hot cells
  • A ventilation system for the hot cells with filtration


Auxiliary systems and equipment:

  • The radiation monitoring system inside the hot cells (gamma dose rate meters SDG-04, local processing units LVJ-02, external alarm units ASU-50)
  • The monitoring system of the radiation in the working environment of the hot cells, storage and adjacent rooms (detector of the ambient gamma dose equivalent rate MDG-04e, detectors of the ambient dose equivalent rate of neutrons MDN-01, local display units LZJ-22, external alarm units ASU-50, the host control and database system and the software RMS)
  • Autonomous instruments for the checks of ionising radiation sources
  • Autonomous and hand-held instruments for the measurement of the contamination of the air, objects and persons (PAM-100A, PAM-100C, CPM-300, FCM-02 with a friskingl probe SFP-100C, HF-150, PNM-01, SND-01, Radcount-2, Radcount-2S, VOPV-12)
  • The spectrometric system for the identification of sources – the determination of the radionuclide and measurement of its activity
  • The camera monitoring system of the technological process inside the hot cells
  • Integrated control panels in the workplace of the operators, the instrumentation and control system



Scope of our work and services

  • Installation of the manipulators
  • Development of equipment and manufacturing documentation
  • Development of design documentation for the systems of our part of the delivery
  • Revision of the complete design documentation and technical support during its approval
  • Purchasing and manufacturing of equipment, delivery to the site
  • Installation and testing of equipment and systems
  • Provision of the user documentation and as-built documentation for the delivered systems and equipment
  • Commissioning of systems and equipment
  • Expert training of the end-user’s personnel


The above mentioned three hot cellsare already serving for the removal of the ionising radiation sources from the shielding containers, and their sorting and depositing in storage containers. The storage hall is intended for the permanent deposition of the containers with these sources.





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