Radiation Protection Supervision

This activity was, among other cases, carried out in the Maternity Hospital and the Children Hospital.
In the scope of contract performance, we provide radiation protection supervision in all the workplaces equipped with ionizing radiation sources operating in the University Hospital Brno. The activities include:

  • The development of all the documentation required for State Office for Nuclear Safety permission and implied from all applicable legislation (mainly “Atomic Act” of Czech Republic)
  • The performance of operational stability tests of selected ionising radiation sources
  • Keeping records of personal doses from film dosimetry and supplementary personal dosimetry
  • Monitoring of radiation in workplaces
  • Preparing workplaces for State Office for Nuclear Safety inspections and active participation in these inspections
  • Training of personnel in radiation protection principles on a regular basis
  • Keeping records and supervising dates implied from the approved Quality Assurance Programmes for the particular workplace


All the activities were performed on the basis of their contractual relationship.

VF, a.s. is directly responsible for the performance of radiation protection supervisor´s  duties in the University Hospital Brno.




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