Supply of Calibration Laboratory (SSDL) equipment for Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK)


The construction project of the first nuclear power plant in Turkey required an extension of possibilities and increase in capacity of the infrastructure for the calibration of radiation measuring instruments. The institution in charge was the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority (TAEK) – at present the only authority in Turkey in the field of nuclear safety, radiation protection and ionising radiation metrology.

VF, in cooperation with their German partner PTW-Freiburg, built for TAEK a complex of secondary standard dosimetry laboratories for various ionising radiation quantities.


Within the framework of the contract, VF manufactured and delivered following standard pieces of equipment and systems

  • Radiation Therapy Level Gamma Irradiator TERABALT T100 with a closed Co-60 radionuclide source with an activity of approx. 250 TBq
  • Irradiator OG-8 with Cs-137, Co-60, Am-241 radionuclide sources
  • A camera and safety system
  • A radiation monitoring system


In addition we developed, manufactured and delivered following systems for this project

  • Panoramic Gamma Irradiator PGI-01 with a circular irradiation table, including a closed Cs-137 radionuclide source with an activity of 185 GBq
  • Complete Neutron Calibration Laboratory, with the irradiator NI-08, one Am-Be radionuclide source with an activity of 185 GBq, one irradiation table and four calibration benches CB-50 in cruciform configuration
  • Integrated Data and Control System, including new software for the entire laboratory technology control, and all the metrological data collection, processing and evaluation (DARS)


In addition to the equipment delivery, we provided the end user with services related to the contract implementation

  • Expert consultations in the field of ionising radiation metrology
  • Elaboration  of the detailed design
  • Performance of factory acceptance tests
  • Installation and performance of site acceptance tests at the end user’s premises
  • Expert training of the end user’s operating personnel





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