Gaseous Effluent Sampler is intended for accident and post-accident ventilation stack air sampling for further evaluation of radioactive aerosols and iodine discharges. Two shielded chambers ensure continuous sampling during high activity event.


Gaseous Effluent Sampler is intended for accident and post-accident ventilation stack air sampling for further evaluation of radioactive aerosols and iodine discharges. It is equipped with dose rate detectors for activity evaluation of filters with signalization for values exceeding pre-set alarm levels of dose rate.

The GES-400 sampler works in local and remote manual sampling mode or in automatic sampling mode with auto-switch option which handles switching between filters depending on the pre-set dose rate level.


The sampler consists of following main parts:

  • Control PLC unit with signalization of the pneumatic system status, dose rate detector for filter measurement, which also provides value of dose rate in 1 m to the operator who is handling the capsule replacement
  • Pneumatic system, which handles the intake and distribution between two sampling chambers. The chamber is purged with fresh air before it is opened by the operator
  • Two 10 cm (4 in) lead shielded sampling chambers and shielded doors with safety interlocks and status sensors
  • A compartment with provisions for Post-Accident Noble Gas Monitor

Sampler is in default standby mode waiting for an instruction from host system to start user preprogramed procedure - mode. There are several preprogramed procedures:

  • Automatic continuous mode
  • Automatic discontinuous mode
  • Discontinuous one-off mode

The sample line is heated to prevent condensation of the sample. The heating is temperature controlled; typical temperature for the air sample system, both piping and chamber, is about 55 °C (130 °F).

The sample lines are equipped with test ports and manual valves where applicable. These are used for manual control of the air flow through the sample lines for maintenance, obtaining grab sample, manual purge, service and testing, or calibration.

High activities of particulate and iodine are expected during post-accident sampling, and the exposure to the personnel must be minimized.  Therefore the post-accident sampling filter assemblies have been designed with shielded enclosures for the particulate and iodine sample filter holders.

The automatic lifting mechanism to connect the sample line to the sample holder is used to facilitate the removal of the sample holder from the lead shield. The use of this mechanism significantly reduces the exposure time of the personnel during the sample holder removal process. The operator can maintain a distance of 1m (3 feet) from the filter holder throughout the removal process. In order to observe the ALARA principles a special handling tool for removal of the sample holders is provided.


  • Automatic operation with full-scale auto diagnostic procedures
  • Dose rate measurement
  • Automatic disconnection
  • High reliability
  • Low maintenance requirements


  • Shielded container for capsule transportation
  • Stair-trolley for shielded container transport


  • Routine and Post-Accident Gaseous Effluent Sampler GES-700


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