We supply advanced radiation monitoring systems for research reactors, that reliably detect ionising radiation and protect the safety of people, environment and technologies.

Our experience comes from practice.

As one of the few manufacturers and suppliers of radiation monitoring systems, we have direct experience of service and maintenance directly at research reactors.

We follow technological and global trends and integrate them into our devices.

Radiation Monitoring Systems

Area Gamma Monitor

AGM-02 Area Gamma Monitor

An ambient gamma dose rate equivalent monitor. It incorporates a display and acoustic signalisation


Gamma Detector

SDG-04 Gamma Detector

A detector intended for gamma dose rate (air kerma) measuring from the natural background up to units of Gy/h


Neutron Dose Rate Meter

MDN-01 Neutron Dose Rate Meter

A detector for the measurement of an ambient dose rate equivalent Ḣ*(10) in neutron radiation fields


Alarm Slave Unit

ASU-50 Alarm Slave Unit

An alarm unit providing clear visual and acoustic warning in case the signalling levels are overrun.


Local Display Unit

LZJ-22 Local Display Unit

A device displaying measured values and operating status from radiation monitoring systems


Smart Dose Rate Meters

MDG-04 & MDG-08e Smart Dose Rate Meters

Gamma detectors for the measurement of dose or dose equivalent rates


Smart Directional Dose Rate Meters

MDG-12S , MDG-13S Smart Directional Dose Rate Meters

A dose rate meter for directionally dependent measurement, suitable for technological measurement in areas with multiple sources


Radiation Monitoring System

RMS Radiation Monitoring System

A radiation monitoring system able to work with a large quantity of detectors, monitors, display and alarm units.


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Dismatling and Decommissioning

We have a number of highly qualified employees, who are able to design and implement a complete disposal of workplaces where ionising radiation sources were used, or that were contaminated.

VF is also a producer of devices and equipment for measuring and characterisation of waste contaminated by radioactive substances. With our technology, customers can carry out the disposal of radioactive waste and free release.

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The measurement of gaseous effluents from research centre plants makes up a significant part of overall radiation monitoring and control.

For the purposes of gaseous effluents monitoring, we have a number of products for sampling, online and post-accident measurement.

System installation and commissioning are an integral part of our delivery.

Liquid and Gaseous Effluent Monitoring



Continuous measurement of volumetric activity of radioactive iodine in the air during normal operation and also during emergency or post-emergency state of a nuclear power plant


Aerosol Sampler

BOA-80 Aerosol Sampler

A device designed for balance sampling of aerosols from the air to determine its contamination 


Continuous Particulate Detector

CPD-14 Continuous Particulate Detector

CPD-14 measures the activity of alpha and beta active aerosols from the air


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Calibration Laboratories

Ionising radiation measuring instruments are, according to legal or local requirements, subject to periodical calibration and verification in metrological laboratories.

To fulfil the metrological requirements placed on measuring instruments, we have developed a reliable calibration system.

The calibration system includes

  • An irradiator
  • A calibration bench
  • Data and control software

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To prevent contamination spreading outside of a controlled area or other areas in research reactor facilities, personnel and tools contamination monitors are placed at the exits of these areas.

We have developed contamination monitors for the whole body, hands and feet, floors, clothing, as well as several types and sizes of tools contamination monitors. Their functionality is verified by many installations worldwide.

We are able to adapt our standard monitor types to specific customer needs and requirements.

Personnel and Tools Contamination

Hand Contamination Monitor

HM-4 Hand Contamination Monitor

A device intended for the signalisation of hand contamination by alpha, beta, or gamma radionuclides


Floor Contamination Monitor

FloorScan Floor Contamination Monitor

A device intended for signalisation of floor surface contamination 


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Portable and Laboratory Equipment

We have developed a number of user-friendly portable devices with regard to our customers´ needs.

Our portable and laboratory equipment is designed  to detect ionising radiation, measure contamination and dose rate or neutron flux.

Portable Activity Meters

PAM-525 Portable Activity Meters

Handheld portable devices designed to measure the surface activity of alpha, beta, and gamma radionuclides. It allows fast measurement of large areas.


Display Unit

RadCount-2S Display Unit

A multi-purpose display unit. When connected to an external detector, it serves as a gamma or neutron dose equivalent monitor.


Portable Activity Meters

PAM-100 Portable Activity Meters

A portable handheld device intended for the surface activity measurement of alphfa, beta, and gamma radionuclides


Portable Activity Meters

PAM-170 Portable Activity Meters

Handheld portable devices equipped with scintillation gasless detectors are intended for the surface activity measurement of alpha, beta, and gamma radionuclides.


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Safe handling and disposal of radiation sources is one of our integral activities. We supply, test and replace sealed radionuclide sources.

We hold all necessary permits from regulatory authorities.

We operate our own hot cell and have a number of our own certified storage and transport containers for sealed radiation sources.

We also provide other services associated with radionuclide sources reloading in various types of irradiators, contamination monitor calibration with planar standards, etc.

Handling and Disposal of Radiation Sources

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