We are a manufacturer and supplier of radiation monitoring systems for nuclear power plants.

Supplied systems reliably detect ionising radiation and protect people, environment and technologies from ionising radiation.

Our devices and systems fulfil both normative and legislative criteria of nuclear power plant operators.

We have gained and verified our knowledge through practical experience. As one of the few producers and suppliers of radiation monitoring systems, we have our own teams located directly at nuclear power plants.

Radiation Monitoring Systems

Area Gamma Monitor

AGM-02 Area Gamma Monitor

An ambient gamma dose rate equivalent monitor. It incorporates a display and acoustic signalisation


Gamma Detector

SDG-04 Gamma Detector

A detector intended for gamma dose rate (air kerma) measuring from the natural background up to units of Gy/h


Neutron Dose Rate Meter

MDN-01 Neutron Dose Rate Meter

A detector for the measurement of an ambient dose rate equivalent Ḣ*(10) in neutron radiation fields


Alarm Slave Unit

ASU-50 Alarm Slave Unit

An alarm unit providing clear visual and acoustic warning in case the signalling levels are overrun.


Smart Dose Rate Meters

MDG-04 & MDG-08e Smart Dose Rate Meters

Gamma detectors for the measurement of dose or dose equivalent rates


Smart Directional Dose Rate Meters

MDG-12S , MDG-13S Smart Directional Dose Rate Meters

A dose rate meter for directionally dependent measurement, suitable for technological measurement in areas with multiple sources


Local Display Unit

LZJ-22 Local Display Unit

A device displaying measured values and operating status from radiation monitoring systems


Radiation Monitoring System

RMS Radiation Monitoring System

A radiation monitoring system able to work with a large quantity of detectors, monitors, display and alarm units.


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Post-Accident Monitoring Systems

Importance of post-accident monitoring systems has increased globally. The main reasons are calls for lifetime extension of many nuclear power plants and increasing legislative requirements of supervisory authorities.

Our post-accident measurement devices fulfil requirements of nuclear power plants for its full functionality in defined harsh conditions.

We design, supply, install and certify these devices and systems worldwide according to end-users’ particular requirements.

Gamma Detectors

GD-5X Gamma Detectors

A probe for gamma radiation measurement with a NaI(Tl) scintillation detector, suitable for highly sensitive dose rate monitors, or as a part of technological meters


High dose range meter

AGM-123 High dose range meter

A heavy-duty monitor for measuring high gamma dose rates in the containment and beside the reactor. It can be used for both standard and emergency operation modes.


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In nuclear power plants with planned shutdowns and decommissioning, the subjects of radioactive waste characterisation and free release into the environment are becoming more and more important.

VF is currently one of the most significant suppliers of radioactive waste characterisation and free release monitors.

Due to the sensitivity and reliability of the supplied measuring equipment, our systems help power plant operators to save considerable resources on possibly radioactive waste storage and disposal .

Nuclear Power Plant Dismantlin and Decommissioning (D&D)



WAM-200 series monitors are designed for quantitative and qualitative characterization of radioactive waste with total activity up to 1 TBq in a barrel


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Liquid and Gaseous Effluents Monitoring

Liquid and gaseous effluents make up a significant part of the overall radiation monitoring and protection in nuclear power plants.

We supply a wide portfolio of products and devices developed for real-time measurement and sampling, along with post-accident measurement.

Besides the instrumentation itself, we provide our customers with consultation and the effluent monitoring solution proposals.

Our deliveries include the device or system installation, commissioning and personnel training.


Liquid activity monitor

MAK-201 Liquid activity monitor

The device provides online measurement of the fluid volumetric activity in collection tanks. It is suitable for the automatic liquid waste effluence into sewerage or the environment


Liquid Effluent Monitor

LEM series Liquid Effluent Monitor

A device that provides offline volumetric activity measurement in fluids with high sensitivity. It is suitable for spectrometric measurement and balancing of nuclear power plants liquid effluents 


Noble Gas Monitor

NGM-2000 Noble Gas Monitor

A device with very low detection limits, designed for measuring and balancing the activity of noble gases discharged from the nuclear facilities ventilation stacks 


Desorption Unit

DJ-500 Desorption Unit

A device intended for water desorption from sorbents of silica gel type


Continuous Particulate Monitor

CPM-300 Continuous Particulate Monitor

The device is intended for measurement of alpha and beta activity concentration in the air. It displays and archives the measured values and signalises exceeding of pre-set signalling levels


Gaseous effluent monitoring and sampling system

GEMS-700 Gaseous effluent monitoring and sampling system

A device intended for measurement of radioactive noble gases in air. It contains two types of aerosol and iodine filters (operational and emergency). It can be also used as a balance monitor




Continuous measurement of volumetric activity of radioactive iodine in the air during normal operation and also during emergency or post-emergency state of a nuclear power plant


Aerosol Sampler

BOA-80 Aerosol Sampler

A device designed for balance sampling of aerosols from the air to determine its contamination 


Very High-Volume Air Sampler

VOPV-7 Very High-Volume Air Sampler

A high-volume air sampler for the measurement of environmental contamination with radioactive substances


Aerosols Sampler and Iodine Sampler

VOPV-12 Aerosols Sampler  and Iodine Sampler

A high-volume air sampler that detects radioactive aerosols or iodines contamination in air


Digital High-Volume Air Sampler

VOPV-10 Digital High-Volume Air Sampler

An air-sampling device designed to evaluate the air pollutants captured on filters (radioactive aerosols, dust, etc.)




Measurement of volume activity of gamma radionuclides in technological circuits of nuclear facilities


Tritium and Carbon-14 Samplers V3H14C series

V3H14C Tritium and Carbon-14 Samplers V3H14C series

A device collecting 3H and 14C samples from the air. It allows differential sampling of both oxygenated and deoxygenated forms of tritium and organic and anorganic forms of 14C


Post-Accident Gaseous Effluent Sampler

PIS-300E Post-Accident Gaseous Effluent Sampler

A sampling device of aerosols and iodines intended for emergency and post-accident air sampling from ventilation stacks for discharge evaluation


Particulate and Iodine Monitor

PIM-301E Particulate and Iodine Monitor

The continuous measurement of volumetric activities of radioactive aerosols and iodine in the air during normal operation as well as the emergency and post-accident states of nuclear power plants


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To prevent contamination from spreading outside a controlled area or other defined areas in nuclear power plants, personnel and tools contamination monitors are placed at the exit points of these areas.

We develop and install contamination monitors for whole body, hands, feet, floors, clothing and tools.

We are able to adapt our standard monitor types to specific customer needs and requirements.

Personnel and Tools Contamination

Hand-held contamination probes

SFP-100 Hand-held contamination probes

Standalone probes suitable for the detection of surface contamination by alpha, beta, and gamma emitting radionuclides


Hand Contamination Monitor

HM-4 Hand Contamination Monitor

A device intended for the signalisation of hand contamination by alpha, beta, or gamma radionuclides


Laundry Contamination Monitors

LCM-300 Laundry Contamination Monitors

A device intended for the detection of laundry contamination by alpha, beta, and gamma radionuclides. It can be also used for checking the contamination of other objects of a suitable size


Frisking Contamination Monitor

FCM-11 Frisking Contamination Monitor

A quick check for personnel or object surface contamination. In combination with a suitable detector from the SFP-100 series, it can detect alpha, beta, or gamma contamination


Hand-Foot Contamination Monitor

HF Hand-Foot Contamination Monitor

Hand and feet contamination monitors are intended for the signalisation of alpha, beta, or gamma radionuclides contamination on hands, feet, or clothing


Floor Contamination Monitor

FloorScan Floor Contamination Monitor

A device intended for signalisation of floor surface contamination 


Document Contamination Monitor

DCM-300 Document Contamination Monitor

Monitors intended for the detection of document contamination with beta-emitting radionuclides. Thypical use of the monitors is in the nuclear power plant controlled areas




Highly sensitive personnel portal monitor for personnel passing through it


Personnel Exit Monitor ExitScan-2 series

ExitScan-2 Personnel Exit Monitor  ExitScan-2 series

A new type of full body contamination monitor for personnel leaving controlled areas. It monitors the presence of alphfa, beta, and gamma radionuclides, as needed


Tools and Materials Contamination Monitor

MCM-300 Tools and Materials Contamination Monitor

Equipment for controlling and signalling of object and/or material contamination by radioactive substances


Small Items Monitors

SIM series Small Items Monitors

Object contamination monitors intended for the detection and signalisation of objects contaminated with gamma- or beta-emitting substances


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Calibration Laboratories

According to legislative or local requirements, radiation detection devices and equipment are subject to periodical calibration and verification in metrological laboratories.

To fulfil metrological requirements for measuring devices and equipment, we have developed a reliable irradiation facility system.

The calibration system includes:

  • An irradiator
  • A calibration bench
  • Data and control software

Panoramic Gamma Irradiator

PGI-01 Panoramic Gamma Irradiator

A device for dosimeter calibration and testing with a non-collimated source of gamma radiation.


Neutron Irradiator

NI-01 Neutron Irradiator

NI-01 is a neutron irradiator equipment measuring and signalling neutron flow, used for calibration and testing.


Gamma Irradiator

IG-13 Gamma Irradiator

A radionuclide irradiator, a source of a homogenous collimated beam of gamma radiation, suitable for SSDL laboratories


Gama Irradiator

OG-8 Gama Irradiator

A radionuclide irradiator, a source of homogenous collimated beam of gamma radiation, suitable for SSDL laboratories


Calibration Bench

CB-50 Calibration Bench

A bench for precise and safe detector positioning in an ionizing radiation beam or field during calibration. The calibration bench is suitable for SSDL laboratories


Neutron Irradiator

NI-08 Neutron Irradiator

NI-08 Neutron Irradiator, fitted with 7 radionuclide sources, is used as a reference source of the neutron flux. Usually, it is a part of neutron dose and/or dose rate meters calibration laboratories


Beta Radiation Calibration System

BC-03 Beta Radiation Calibration System

The Beta Radiation Calibration System is used for comfortable and safe calibration of dosimeters with beta radiation sources. It is designed to perform electronic personal dosimeters calibration in fully automatic process.


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We develop a whole range of user-friendly portable devices.

Our portable and laboratory equipment is primarily designed to detect ionising radiation, measure contamination and dose rate or neutron flow.

Portable and Laboratory Equipment

Measuring Chamber

MK-30P Measuring Chamber

A device for the laboratory measurement of sample activity with high-reliability requirements.


Neutron Gamma Analyser

NGA-01 Neutron Gamma Analyser

A unique device capable to detect, distinguish and analyse the radiation spectrum of neutrons and gamma photons simultaneously.


Portable Activity Meters

PAM-525 Portable Activity Meters

Handheld portable devices designed to measure the surface activity of alpha, beta, and gamma radionuclides. It allows fast measurement of large areas.


Display Unit

RadCount-2S Display Unit

A multi-purpose display unit. When connected to an external detector, it serves as a gamma or neutron dose equivalent monitor.


Portable Activity Meters

PAM-100 Portable Activity Meters

A portable handheld device intended for the surface activity measurement of alphfa, beta, and gamma radionuclides


Portable Activity Meters

PAM-170 Portable Activity Meters

Handheld portable devices equipped with scintillation gasless detectors are intended for the surface activity measurement of alpha, beta, and gamma radionuclides.


Portable Neutron Meter

PNM-01 Portable Neutron Meter

The portable monitor is intended for measuring a dose rate equivalent to Ḣ*(10) in neutron radiation fields


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Handling and Disposal of Radiation Sources

Safe handling and disposal of radiation sources is one of our integral activities. We supply, test and replace sealed radionuclide sources.

We hold all the necessary regulatory authority permits.

We operate our own hot cell. For handling sealed radionuclide sources, we have a range of certified storage and transport containers at our disposal.

We also provide other services associated with radioactive sources reloading in various types of irradiators, contamination monitor calibration with planar standards, etc.

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