Devices and equipment used to ionising radiation detection are subject to periodical calibration for verification in metrological laboratories, in accordance with legal or other standards and requirements.

To fulfil the metrological requirements for ionising radiation meters, we have developed a complete system of a calibration laboratory, consisting of the irradiator itself, a calibration bench and technology control software.

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For our customers worldwide, we supply both primary (PSDL) and secondary (SSDL) standard dosimetry laboratories.

The main components of the laboratories supplied by VF are:

  • Gamma and neutron irradiators
  • A calibration bench
  • Control software for managing the entire technology
  • A radiation monitoring and security system

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We have a range of gamma and neutron irradiators with different numbers of ionising radiation sources.

The calibration bench is compatible with all VF irradiators and has become an integral part of this complex deliveries.

All our irradiators and calibration benches can be controlled from the operator’s room with the control software supplied to customers in the required configuration.

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At VF, we operate an accredited metrological laboratory for calibrating our manufactured equipment. The VF-accredited laboratory meets all necessary normative and legislative requirements laid down by supervisory authorities.

This long-term experience, along with years of experience with worldwide SSDL and PSDL deliveries, allows us to provide our customers with complex and professional advice in the field of metrology.

We provide services in the areas of equipment calibration and the supply of new or the replacement of existing ionising radiation sources.

Our team of experts provides services in the areas of beam focusing, shielding calculations, design and the production of specialised products.

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